Trip to Klamath Falls and the Oregon Tech Campus

June 14th was graduation day for Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls where I went to college some 30 years ago. I am now a board member of the Oregon Tech Alumni Association so I got to go down to help, especially with the Golden Owls. The Golden Owls are any graduate who graduated forty or more years ago, thus we honor them during graduation. So I went down early and participate in several activities such as the tour of the original campus circa 1946, attend the awards banquet and the President’s Breakfast the day of graduation. I also got to meet the 2013 Miss Oregon, Allison Cook from Klamath Falls and an Oregon Tech student. Also found out that Dr. Chris Maples rides a motorcycle, now how cool is that for the college President! The following dozen select pictures are from that trip.

1-OIT Trip 1

Lowell Covered Bridge

1-OIT Trip 2

Covered Bridge in Westfir, Oregon

1-OIT Trip 3

Oregon Institute of Technology Entrance (Snell Hall in the background)

1-OIT Trip 4

Beyond the sign with Snell Hall and the Dow Center for Health Professions

1-OIT Trip 5

Oregon Tech College Union

1-OIT Trip 6

Fountain where the U-shaped moat use to be in my day.

1-OIT Trip 7

The Golden Owls prior to the walk.

1-OIT Trip 8


1-OIT Trip 11

Celebration after graduation.

1-OIT Trip 9

The Jesse Crabtree Civil Engineering Plaza. I was in several of his classes.

1-OIT Trip 12

Abandon church near downtown.

1-OIT Trip 10

Veteran Park near the old site of Modoc Lumber.


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