Business Trip to Arlington

Yesterday I had to visit a job site just south of Arlington, Oregon. A colleague of mine suggested I take a detour on the way home and go through Cottonwood Canyon State Park just out of Condon, Oregon. It is a new state park on the John Day river and provided some photo opportunities in addition to some of the landscape along the way that I had never seen. The only down side is the visual pollution from the wind mills.

Arlington Business Trip 1

Sunrise along I-84

Arlington Business Trip 2

Park in Arlington, Oregon

Arlington Business Trip 3

Old Oregon Trail sign

Arlington Business Trip 4

Stopped the car, got out and shot some deer…with my camera.

Arlington Business Trip 5

Long quiet road.

Arlington Business Trip 6

Abandoned building.

Arlington Business Trip 7

John Day river in the Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Arlington Business Trip 8

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Arlington Business Trip 9

Abandoned General Merchandise store in Wasco, Oregon.


2 thoughts on “Business Trip to Arlington

  1. Enjoyed seeing your photos. Really interesting all the abandoned homes and love the little store that was abandoned. Makes you wonder about the lives involved.
    Joanne. Thanks for sharing.

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