North Ridge Estates, Klamath Falls, Oregon

I was in Klamath Falls recently and have been reconnecting to some of my past now that I am on the Alumni Advisory Board at Oregon Institute of Technology. Before I left for home, I drove up to the old college campus which was originally the Marine Recuperational Barracks built by the Navy in 1944. In 1977, the land was purchased and was to then become North Ridge Estates Subdivision. However, the EPA and Oregon DEQ were alerted about the use of asbestos in the barracks and that the barracks were bulldozed into the soil. Many of the residents left their newly built homes and relocated, yet a few remained to this day. The following links discuss the situation and history behind this area:

Abandoned Home 10

Driveway to an abandoned home.

Abandoned Home 1

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 2

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 3

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 4

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 5

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 6

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 8

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 9

Abandoned home


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