Engines – Old Fashion Days, Newberg, Oregon

July 31, 2016 – The Old Fashion Days in Newberg, Oregon

Captured a few images of other vehicles that were not a part of our department, to see what other fire districts have in regards to antique engines.




Woodburn Fire Department








Rental Car History

The feature image was my 2000 Dodge Neon. The vehicle was prone to have many problems over the history of my ownership and when I needed to go out of town, whether for work or pleasure, I would rent a car. For the fun of it I would snap a photo of the car. Missing from my collection is the Kia Optima, Dodge Avenger, Ford Edge, Jeep Patriot and Hyundai Sonata. Renting these was cheaper than a new car’s monthly payment at the time and now it helps extend the life of my current machine.

2010 - Chevy












2014 - Hyundai 1


2014 - Hyundai 2


2014 - Toyota 1 Alaska


2014 - Toyota 2 Alaska


2014 - Toyota 1


2014 - Toyota 2


North Ridge Estates, Klamath Falls, Oregon

I was in Klamath Falls recently and have been reconnecting to some of my past now that I am on the Alumni Advisory Board at Oregon Institute of Technology. Before I left for home, I drove up to the old college campus which was originally the Marine Recuperational Barracks built by the Navy in 1944. In 1977, the land was purchased and was to then become North Ridge Estates Subdivision. However, the EPA and Oregon DEQ were alerted about the use of asbestos in the barracks and that the barracks were bulldozed into the soil. Many of the residents left their newly built homes and relocated, yet a few remained to this day. The following links discuss the situation and history behind this area:

Abandoned Home 10

Driveway to an abandoned home.

Abandoned Home 1

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 2

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 3

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 4

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 5

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 6

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 8

Abandoned home

Abandoned Home 9

Abandoned home

Business Trip to Arlington

Yesterday I had to visit a job site just south of Arlington, Oregon. A colleague of mine suggested I take a detour on the way home and go through Cottonwood Canyon State Park just out of Condon, Oregon. It is a new state park on the John Day river and provided some photo opportunities in addition to some of the landscape along the way that I had never seen. The only down side is the visual pollution from the wind mills.

Arlington Business Trip 1

Sunrise along I-84

Arlington Business Trip 2

Park in Arlington, Oregon

Arlington Business Trip 3

Old Oregon Trail sign

Arlington Business Trip 4

Stopped the car, got out and shot some deer…with my camera.

Arlington Business Trip 5

Long quiet road.

Arlington Business Trip 6

Abandoned building.

Arlington Business Trip 7

John Day river in the Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Arlington Business Trip 8

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Arlington Business Trip 9

Abandoned General Merchandise store in Wasco, Oregon.

Business Trip to Juneau

This week I got to visit a job site in Juneau, Alaska and had sometime to snap some photos. I was blessed with super sunny skies that day and the next day was slightly over cast.

Mendenhall Glacier and Mountain Reflection

Mendenhall Glacier and mountain reflection

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls

Mendenhall Glacier Pond

Pond at Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Wetlands

Mendenhall Wetland

Sanctuary of St Terese

Sanctuary of St. Terese

Sanctuary of St Terese Church

Church at the Sanctuary of St. Terese

Sunrise with Sunset filter

Sunrise from Douglas Island, Alaska

Trip to Reno

In early August, I went to Reno, Nevada for the first time in my life. I went to attend the 9th Annual Oregon Institute of Technology BBQ Reunion and attend an advisory alumni board meeting. I not only got to see Reno itself, but I made the trek to Carson and Virginia City as well as Lake Tahoe after visiting family in Grass Valley, California. I drove down so that I could take in the whole experience of the route from Wilsonville to Reno. I saw some pretty amazing sights along the way and met some awesome people. Next year though, I am flying down.

A- Baseball Reno Aces

Reno Aces Baseball Game

A- Church

Virginia City, Nevada church.

A- Creepy Window Display

Creepy window photo in Virginia City, Nevada

A- Nevada Comission of Tourism

Carson City, Nevada Commission of Tourism

A- Nevada State Veterans Memorial

Carson City, Nevada State Veterans’ Memorial

A- School

Virginia City, Nevada – Old School

Back Road Trip

Last weekend I took a short road trip along Skyline Boulevard until I got to Rocky Point Road; stopped at the turn out to snap a few pictures of Portland from the vantage point. From there I headed to Scappoose and then Vernonia. I captured a few shots there and then stopped near an old railroad bridge. Here are three of many pictures that I took.


Abandoned Railroad Bridge

Rocky Point Rd

View of downtown Portland from Rocky Point Road


Dam and swimming hole in Vernonia, OR